IGN is judged ” strange place is cindery ” for 7.7 minutes! DX12 play is real very give power

Chinese name: Strange place is cindery English name: Ashes Of The Singularity makes a company: Stardock releases a company: Stardock game type: Platform of game of instant strategy RTS: PC game language: Date of English put on sale: 2016-03-31

” strange place is cindery ” the Nitrous engine that uses Oxide Games is made, setting set is in distant future, the mankind is complete in those days with ideological existence, people had mastered sacred and same power. But human him discovery has been in a war in, the enemy is called Haalee namely have ideological AI, the purpose overthrows the mankind the regnant position in the universe.

Be in ” strange place is cindery ” in the center, the mankind after the player can is opposite or the force that are Haalee undertake controlling, the CEO of Stardock holds president Brad Wardell concurrently to say. This is the war of an interstellar measure, every among them fight covers the whole face of a heavenly body possibly. The view that this making exceeded players an any game that play.

” strange place is cindery ” grandiose measure needs us to create a brand-new 3D engine, the graphical framework of Oxide Games designs engineer Dan Baker to complement. We want to make a game that describes a battle only not only, however real time is reductive and whole war, imitate by tens of thousands the movement of independent unit.

Besides single person battle, ” strange place is cindery ” still can provide experience of much person game, include allied structure, pop chart, data statistic and other the function that has not announce.

” strange place is cindery ” it is simple tactical conflict not merely, it is full of a challenge, fascinating and the strategy that lets Yu Chuncui of player give a lot of care.