Glorious illuminates V710 of person Lei Bai waterproof and devoid strong mechanical clavier is in a poor light setting

Big plant of old brand actual strength, homebred peripheral is gotten army brand Lei Bai (RAPOO) the banner issues what series of VPRO of product line of professional sport peripheral rolls out to mix colour to be in a poor light V710 of waterproof and devoid strong mechanical clavier, its professional waterproof properties, Lei Bai’s own black axis and green axis, whole key does not have conflict design, professional waterproof design, the hand of type of an organic whole holds a design in the palm to let this product grace many. Craftsmanship of Lei Bai V710 carries alone mix colour to be in a poor light design, dazzle colour is multicolored reveal fashionable elegance, amount to 10 kinds to be in a poor light mode, can be in a poor light according to the key-press with player custom-built and different be fond of in addition, let what the player experiences this product place is brought adequately can enjoy a sex. And how does Zuo of cruel of so much mad dazzle a string of 1 the lighting effects of scamper day wants to play? The author is solved in detail one by one for everybody below.

The switch of M key key that Lei Bai V710 can pass top right corner works mode and game mode, and fall in office mode, effects of all sorts of control of dazzle cruel lamplight are by VPRO key tie-in and corresponding F function key is controlled, need all sorts of surprising to press VPRO key presses all sorts of corresponding F function key to be able to spark again only key-press of unreal individual character is in a poor light lamp effect.