Electric contest advocate sow: Initial wages is firewood 2500 yuan to be able to be amounted to 10000000

Expand of the market increasingly as electric contest, industry of whole report contest also more and more be faced up to, among them business chance is increasing also. The hearsay shows the contest of top class report nowadays to star year of income is the most high-energy achieve on ten million, more and more youths begin yearning this burgeoning industry. There is a story before passing through live wire in this game, what be called Chen Zihao is famous advocate sow explode expect its income does not poor, two months can buy a house in Changsha entire section. So our specially was found today pass through ambassador of live wire figure, before explanation of professional player, government, top class advocate sow, video producer, reach club boss multiple identity is in the white shark of a suit, will uncover secret to concern the electric contest career of his individual.

White shark: When oneself still are attending a college at that time, real good friend calls me to play together, hit from the back real friend did not play, it is OK that actual strength returns that him time, be invited to hit by the friend that plays together on the net, one pace turned a profession into the player.

White shark: Inchoate does not have income completely, basically be the circumstance that is in to eat to sleep in the Internet bar in the Internet bar, every all sticks month of his living cost above the training that be in. In the home at that time is to feel he have of course in excessive attention to plaything saps the will, not attend to one’s proper works or duties, special object, with the family member the relation at that time also very deadlocked. But be in the pursuit to the dream, still biting a tooth holding to all the time.

White shark: Joined the club of the first professionalism 2011, just change at that time accepted theory or formulation has salary, a month 2500 money, and pass through the match of live wire and bonus also become much rise, we just felt the arrival of professional player spring.

White shark: At that time the investor of the club because debt problem, I what serve as player and manager at that time faced two choices, or is disbanded, or takes a team to join other club. The first club that a noble that encountered an individual to go up in electric contest career in this vital link by chance aided financially my brushstroke capital to let me establish me – Cherry essence eagle.

White shark: The word of explanation, because oneself make video of explanation of a lot of game in firm hold all the time,also be on one hand, on the other hand oneself suit again not quite really because of the problem of the age at that time become professional player, firm feel better invites the government to try explanation a few matches, slowly became show the official explanation capacity nowadays.

White shark: Have before CEO has been held the position of in the club that fasten the home, but because mix,investor has difference on development direction, left the club at that time finally. Feel oneself capacity is sufficient at that time establish a club to come operation, and really a few players also hope to develop jointly together with me at that time, stem from such chance, I am bold held water to show the club of athletics of electron of white shark CF nowadays.

White shark: Special difficulty is when starting, be in a condition that burns money basically completely. But last year second half of the year appeared turning point, as a result of the flying development of direct seeding market and hot degree, direct seeding platform is sponsorred to the club and the effort of support and our oneself makes the club was on the right path, also scored a few success in gain respect.