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Although onion is a kind of common vegetable, but nutrient effect is exceedingly pretty good however. Use onion water to be able to treat cough for example, the effect also is pretty good. Prandial fiber is contained a lot ofinside onion, contain a lot ofvitamin and microelement, also be antioxidant is mixed additionally the origin with kind of yellow better ketone. Very good precautionary immunity cell releases constituent amine, have the effect that irritability of very good precaution coughs.

Onion water treats cough how long to get effective

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Very grizzle! Sleep because midway coughs sleep bad, have a meal because midway coughs and spit the meal came, these days appetite is the poorest since eating solid food oneself!

Onion water treats cough how long to get effective

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Effect! Onion water can be used stew or the method of evaporate, can choose simpler evaporate onion water! Onion can use maize onion or purple onion, what say according to the friend purple onion flavour compares yellow is sweeter!

Step 1: Wash onion go completely the surface

Onion water treats cough how long to get effective

Step 2: It is whole onion dip in water, incision of the quick worker that use a knife is made an appointment with 6

Step 3: Put the onion that already had cut in the bowl, need not add water

Step 4: Onion inverts even Wan belt put in dish to go up

Step 5: Boil after rolling water, put onion on evaporate wearing, lie between water with medium baking temperature evaporate

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Purple is onion water

Step 7: Come out onion water to be finished, an onion is OK evaporate goes out make an appointment with 60ml onion water (the onion after evaporate is ripe can stay to use the dinner that make)