[the effect that Xue Bi adds gourmet powder and note] _ of _ flavour element eats – together

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Xue Bi is a kind of beverage, and gourmet powder is dressing, is this both what flavour is be being put together? A lot of people sayForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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, xue Bi adds gourmet powder to have the effect that urges affection, its action and philtre are about the same, can let a person feel excited, calorific. But in fact, xue Bi adds gourmet powder and do not have too much reaction, come from flavour say, distinction is very little also, almost negligible not plan, it is to drink what do not come out. And can have the reaction that urges affection, because Xue Bi drank gourmet powder to produce reaction,also not be.

Xue Bi adds the action of gourmet powder and note

Does 1. Xue Bi add gourmet powder to be able to urge affection

Xuebi and gourmet powder are drunk together appear the effect of alleged philtre actuallySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Do not have with Xue Bi how old relation, basically be the relation of gourmet powder, we know the bases of gourmet powder is glutamic acid natrium, there is person edible rarely in abroad, if,this kind carries sweet dressing the first time edible may appear ” glutamic acid natrium is asked for integratedly ” , meeting occurrence lethargy, heart beats to wait for a phenomenon quickly. But right with the Chinese that often takes gourmet powder for, should measure nevertheless only won’t appear any symptoms.

Xue Bi adds the action of gourmet powder and note

2. Xue Bi adds gourmet powder what to is endangered

Xuebi and gourmet powder cannot eat more, eat much oneself has pair of bodies to be injured somewhat, if right amount edible does not have any harms to the body, but more or less to meet some affect, mouthfeel is for instance poor, appetite drops, gastric bowel function is disorder wait.

Xue Bi adds the action of gourmet powder and note

The note of 3. Xuebi and gourmet powder

Xue Bihan has many carbonic acid part, in many and drinkable later can produce gas in great quantities inside body, accordingly, New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Gastric bowel function owes the person of beautiful not to suit edible, especially the person of gastric bowel ulcer, appear possibly even bilge gas is perforative. Gourmet powder contains many glutamic acid natrium, can appear after a large number of edible glutamic acid natrium is toxic phenomenon, its symptom is: Facial hyperaemia, have acrimony calcination feeling, glossal root is swollenForum of Shanghai night net

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Bilge, the heartbeat is quickened or unusually slow, swimmy, have a headache, cervical and hardLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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, muscle is contractive, disgusting, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Vomit, intestines and stomach aching and limp of unwell, upper limbs, mood is unusually low, asthmatic exasperate, cough is serious wait.