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Article introduction

Guangdong turnip cake is a kind of traditional cate of famous specific place characteristic, serve as main material with Bai Luobo namely, in Jiashangyi1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Some other data collocation makes made-up cake together, the delicacy of turnip cake flavour that has made is sweet, nutrition is very rich1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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, it is one of tea building cake that like by people, be in the home of course also is the delicate Guangdong turnip cake that can make at any time, now for say its way.

 What is the making method of Guangdong turnip cake

Practice one:


White Luo Bo, sausage, bacon, dried, Xianggu mushroom

 What is the making method of Guangdong turnip cake


1. turnip washs clean flay to brush silk, boil the boiler below turnip silk soft give water to reserve, bacon, sausage, Xianggu mushroom mincing, dried bubble hair is mincing, stir-fry before stewing of the bacon below the boiler that burn heat, sausage is fried to give oil, dried is put to fry after sweet, the Xianggu mushroom below finally breaks up fry a few times reserve, the turnip silk that has boiled a bit air a little while hind.

2. will be all advocate complementary makings is put into the agitate in the basin even, cake dish brush oil of a thin thin edible, fallFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Agitate feeds capable person well, the shovel that use boiler wipes the surface smooth, boiler evaporate is made on, the air after evaporate is good is cool, put chopping blockSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Section makes an appointment with 1 centimeter thick, system of a dish of cake has impossibly, take when meat institute requirement, the boiler that burn heat cuts good turnip cake below next oil, decoct comes two sides is golden can.

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Practice 2:


White Luo Bo, sausage

 What is the making method of Guangdong turnip cake


1. turnip flay, dig reserves into silk, bacon, sausage, unripe garlic is abluent cut small-scale. Put break up in boiler fry an oil. Outfit dish reserves. Oil takes in boiler, enter turnip silk break up in boiler fry give water to turnip silk molten. Fry the turnip water that give to fall. Flameout.

2. is divided next second fall to stick ground rice. Break up fry even, till pink of have nothing to do with (this process hand will be a bit tired, hold to) , put right amount pepper to follow salt. (pepper can be the soul of turnip cake, if like peppery flavour to be able to be put more some) , enter bead of parched bacon, sausage, dried, unripe garlic. Continue to fry even.

Bottom of 3. small dish brushs a peanut oil, prevent to stick a bottomForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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. With scoop material impaction, the turnip cake that such evaporate give ability figuration. Many bits of water is put in boiler, conflagration evaporate boils 50 minutes. The turnip cake with firm good evaporate will be a bit soft, put completely cool hind the meeting is some harder. Put cool hind can deposit into freezer. When eating, heat of decoct of stripping and slicing is enjoyed.