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Article introduction

There are a lot of people to like to have sesame-seed oil particularly in our life, mixing especially cold dish when, join a few sesame-seed oil to be able to make cold dish tastes exceedingly sweet, and smell flavour is more inviting, oneself make a lot of people have sesame-seed oil inside the home, because oneself are the sesame-seed oil that make more pure, flavour is betterer also, so does oneself abstain sesame-seed oil what to way have?

Sesame-seed oil method is contained in the home

One, material

Sesame seed 10 kilogram

2, practice

1, put sesame first above all very big have capacious water pan undertakes in boiler, it is to prevent Zhi soFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The sandiness in hemp, and rustic.

2, the sesame seed that is an empty good water then, undertake frying, the frying that is put to to rotate namely in boiler.

3, sesame seed such first fierce anger fries on 40 minutes about in slow fire, had been fried, if fry,sesame paste is controlled 30 minutes namely.

4, still get as soon as possible let sesame seed give smoke, it is very important that this closes, sesame-seed oil is sweet, this is technical col the first close. If cover tightly smoke, balm is done not have so sweet, and color is returned nigrescent red. This closed to still can sift inferior sesame seed remain even if full sesame seed undertakes giving oil.

5, next work even if worked to put sesame to stone mill to undertake grinding sauce indoors.

6, undertake in a caldron that pours the sauce that has ground into oily machine to go up ” spill sauce ” this is balm special language. Use boiled water to fall in the pot that has balm sauce namely, have mix, this closes in also have technical content very much, Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Water consumption althoughFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Need not go up like that say, but much cup is little a cup water can give oil less.

7, in the barrel that takes the sesame oil that has spilled in an iron sheet finally, undertake precipitation can.

Sesame-seed oil method is contained in the home

Material / tool

Sesame seed.

Self-restrained practice

1. chooses:

With bolt the sieve goes in sesame seed search sundry, raise clean dust, clear water full, usable basin or crock add enough clear water, enter sesame seed, agitate 15 minutes, bleach impurity of etc of bead of abluent not plump, fish out sesame seed, put in the drop on close look screen to go moisture, after waiting for 30 minutes, can carbonado fry.

2. carbonadoes fry:

Will abluent sesame seed is put inside iron bowl to add water to carbonado fry. In the begining fire but some fiercer, but want agitate even. Convert after sesame seed moisture evaporates in great quantities slow fire, turn over agitate to want diligent and divide evenly, fry its heart Ren Chengzao is gules after using hand crumb to sesame seed, the 2 ~ that spill weight of Zhan Zhi hemp instantly the cold water of 2.5% , one side is rapid agitate, take out sesame seed at the same time. For farther refrigeration, should put the sesame that just gave boiler in fan of the at once inside dustpan to scatter Yu Zhu in a bamboo basket, achieve drop in temperature the purpose of aspiration.

3. is abrade:

the sesame seed that has carbonadoed, mill grinds in be being put in stone mill, get semifinished product of oar shape sesame seed namely, semifinished productNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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It is better to be ground more finely, accordingly, want to be ground a few times more repeatedly.

Dun of 4. add oar is oily:

In putting sesame seed semifinished product into iron bowl, add boiled water ceaseless agitate, the quantity that add water should leanForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Experience control is right amount, divide 2 ~ 3 times to join, increase all water amount for the first time 87% the left and right sides, break up add the 2nd times again after mix is even, till use the oar makings of club winkle dilute to present state of delicate a honeycomb-like thing, there is more oily time-sharing to stop to add water namely all round, again agitate of rein in speed period of time, rise to oily time-sharing in great quantities till surface layer till. Those who need an attention is, when sesame seed semifinished product just added moisture content, compare ropy, want fast emphatically agitate, except gather up with club or wood outside agitate, usable still shovel turns over agitate, lest bottom of boiler of semifinished product conglutinate, affect even rate, reduce amount giving oil. When float of major sesame oil at the surface, can use ladle to cast aside oil, but should not cast aside oil clean. General summer air temperature is high, can leave a few, need heat preservation in the winter, the oil reservoir inside boiler needs reservation to point to thick. Have concussion with a kind of field cricket next, float will move on gather together of cent of the rest oil at the surface, will cast aside the balm that go out to be put into crock or canister finally inside, settling 10 ~ 15 days, cast aside a superstratum edible vegetable oil can.

Sesame-seed oil method is contained in the home

Balm nutrition analyses:

1.Defer consenescence:

Rich vitamin E is contained in balm, have stimulative segmentation and the function that defer consenescence.

2.Protection is hemal:

The not saturated fatty acid such as 40% right-and-left linoleic acid, palmy acid is contained in balm, cent desorption closes and be used easily by human body, in order to promote the metabolization of cholesterol, conducing to the deposit; sesame-seed oil that removes arterial blood tube wall to go up is coagulant of a kind of hurried, use at treating plaque to reduce sexual purpura and haemorrhage sex quality to have certain effect.

3.Embellish bowel is aperient.

4.Reduce smoke wine harm:

Smoking habit and tipple of bibulous person classics burn sesame oil, can reduce smoke to be opposite the direct stimulation of mucous membrane of tooth, gum, oral cavity and injury, and the formation of lung smoke spotShanghai night net

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, also have opposite inhibition to the absorption of nicotine at the same time. Bit of balm is drunk before drinking, particular protective function arrives since cardia of antrum of speak or sing alternately, esophagus, stomach and gastric mucous membrane.

5.Protect voice:

Tipple balm can enhance vocal cords flexibility, make glottal Zhang Geling vivid strong, have good refreshment to cracked, chronic sore throat action.

6.The lecithin that contains from inside balm of the crush out in sesame seed is to lengthen life delay year fight consenescence on beautiful composition, it is medium the winter with best old people makes cordial.