[towel gourd can be fried together with agaric] – of contraindication of food of _ of _ food recuperation

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Towel gourd is OK actually break up together with a lot of food those who fry, won’t too much no-no item appears, it is OK to say towel gourd also is so with wood1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Ear breaks up together fry, and such collocation can make nurture qualitative however instead become more a few richer, because plant collagen is contained among agaric originally, such word to people healthy for be first-rate, OK and compensatory nurture is qualitative.

 Can be towel gourd fried together with agaric

Towel gourd, contain the B that prevents skin ageing a group of things with common features vitamin, can protect the skin, eliminate spot piece, make skin whiteness delicate, the hairdressing beautiful that is rare is tasted, enjoy ” beauty water ” good name. In the meantime, female sister has towel gourd to be not arranged to menstruation more, still have certain recuperation effect.

Black agaric, having ” the meat or fish in element ” and ” the king in element “Shanghai night net

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beautiful praise. It is having substantial plant collagen part, have stronger sorption, fall to be being fed innocentlyLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Hard digestive thing is like wait to also be had like bits of broken bits of hair, wood, sand, metal deliquescent with oxidation. Say black agaric is the ashman of human body so, be worthy of!

 Can be towel gourd fried together with agaric

Towel gourd contains water of protein, adipose, carbonA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Compound, calcic, phosphor, iron reachs C of vitamin B1, vitamin, still have black glucoside, plant glue of mucous, xylose. Clear thermalization is phlegmy, cool blood is alexipharmic, solution heat is divided irritated, loose of stimulate the menstrual flow. Advocate heat of the infirmity that treat heat is thirsty, asthma aue to excessive phlegm coughs, alvine wind anal fistula, cure sore carbuncle is swollen, no less than the woman is galactic waiting for disease.

The content of the iron in agaric is very rich, friend often takes agaric to be able to raise blood to be stationed in colour, skin making a person is ruddy, radiant, can prevent and cure in agaric of; of anaemia of the sex that be short of iron colloid can be in remain adsorption of the dirt inside human body digestion, impurity rises centrallyShanghai noble baby

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Outside eduction body, it returns the action; that removes bowel of clear stomach cleanse thereby helpful digestive fiber kind corporeal function, fall to eating inadvertently hard the eyewinker such as bits of broken bits of digestive hair, chaff, wood, sand, metal has dissolve change intention with melt

 Can be towel gourd fried together with agaric

Agaric of; of section of skin of towel gourd dig is abluent end of; garlic dissect. Oil burns heat into boiler, devoted towel gourd and agaric stir-fry before stewing are fried, will ripe when put garlic and salt, drench rare water is amylaceous, break up fry moment can.

Towel gourd agaric, be already healthy goluptious Lenten, place of compensatory human body can complement to need nutriment and not saturated fatty acid after edible.